DR (Digital Radiography)



DigiEye 560 and 760 are digital radiography system, mainly consisted of FDP (flat-panel detector), X-ray generator, X-ray tube, mobile pateient table, swivel u-arm (for 560), ceiling suspension (for 760) and integrated workstaton with thee most advanced and innovatice technologies.

This totally system helps to increase the intelligent operation, the movements can be controlled through three different ways: the touch screen located on the tube cover, the infrared remote control, and the control panel on the detector and tube cover. The operator can change the U-arm position or the tube/detector angel to fit for dagnostic needs. Different patients, different examination with just one button, one touch!


Left: Digieye 560
Right: Digieye 760

Totally fullfils your exams

The extraordinary flexibility of DigiEye 560 makes the system ideal for patients in standing, sitting and laying posititon, including those who are disabled or physicaly restricted. Enbrace the compact solution to DR technology from Mindray. Digieye 560 eliminates the needs for ceiling supports structures for X-ray tube suspension, while fitting every clinical space. Digieye 760 using the ceiling support structures for X-ray tube suspension to achieve the 3D space exposure.

High image quality with low X-ray dose

Every DR systems has been test in the labortory for more than 100,000 times, just to find out the way to get High image qality with a low X-ray dose. We invite the most profeesional doctors in Medical Radiographic field to review and check our DR system, especially the imaginf part. We periodically collect the feedback information from our customers and been grounded on that, we keep upgrading our system and ensure that or customer is using the latest technology.

 One-step to catch up with the future

Digieye 560 and 760 are new part of Mindray’s family of Medical Imaging products. Incorporating the digital flat-panel technology, Digieye 560 and 760 include Automatic exposure control system and preinstall more than 1,000 conditions of exposure for different examinations and child-specialty.



 MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)


inScan & Q-film

More control mode

More information display

More care for patient


Panorama open operation & intelligent interventional surgery support

330° panorama view,eliminate any Claustrophobia possibility

Wide open spaces, make the MRI interventional surgery reality

All around operation, turn the examination into enjoyment



Industrial Ultrasonic Testing

Defectobook DIO1000


DEFECTOBOOK DIO1000 is the newsest instrument fully developed and designed by Starmans electronics Ltd. company. This ultrasonic device is a suitable compromise between high-end ultrasonic testing and dimensions (often limited in industrial applications). The DEFECTOBOOK DIO1000 implies both conventional ultrasonic and EMAT generators for contact and non-contact ultrasonic testing.


Main technical specification:
Display: Color TFT sunlight, 1024 pixels (W) X 768 pixels (H)
Gain control:
110 dB Max and reference gain control level sensitivity feature with 6 dB, 1 dB, 0.5 dB and 0.1 dB selectable steps
Auto Transducer Calibration: Automated calibration of transducer, zero offset and/or velocity
Reject: 0% to 80% of full scale in 1% increments
Material Velocity: From 100 to 15240 m/s in steel
Range: Standard 1 mm to 60,000 mm
Pulser Type, User Selectable: Tunable square wave, negative spike excitation, burst
Rectification: Full Wave, Half Wave Positive or Negative, and rectified RF settings
Analog Bandwidth: 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz at ?3 dB
: Broadband, Narrowband, or Custom Selectable Low and High Pass Filters ? 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 2.25 MHz, 4 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz
Operating Temperature: -10?C to 50?C
Storage Temperature: -40?C to 70?C
Power Requirements: AC Mains: 100-120 VAC, 200-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Battery: Built-in and external rechargeable LiIon battery pack rated at 3.6 V at 16 Ah
USB Communications Port: Hi-speed interfacing with PC
Communications ports:

  • RS232
  • Ethernet
  • Wireles Ethernet
  • Bluetooth

Memory: 4 up to 16GB
Bscan input: Encoder, A,B ? pulses, start, TTL 5V, Encoder supply ? switchable 5V
Dimensions: 224ױ88׳7 mm
Display dimensions: 99ױ30 mm


DIO 1000 versions (in terms of connectivity):


TYPERS232USBEthernetWifiEncoder input for B scan
DIO 1000 LCXX   
DIO1000 HighXX X X X





QUAM NDT X-Ray Film Processor


Applications in the medical and industrial sectors
The COMPACT™ 2 is a very powerful x-ray film processor. Our top-model was designed for processing all standard film types up to a width of 45 cm (173/4“). The extreme high capacity guarantees quick access to the processed films.

Top quality including all accessories
Longstanding experience leads to competence: It goes without saying that a light protection cover, replenishment containers and intermediary rinsed squeeze rollers for preventing carry over of chemicals are an integral part of the processor. On top of this, the exclusive use of high quality components ensures the best reliability and precision.

High economic efficiency – low energy costs
The integrated stand-by mode reduces your water and energy consumption. The film detection with four infrared sensors allows intelligent and economic replenishment depending on the processed film surface, with individually adjustable rates. This saves chemicals and provides a constant high quality of your image.

Easy handling – comprehensive safety
On the control panel you can individually set the processing time, temperatures and replenishment rates. In addition you can automatically fill the tanks during the warm-up cycle. Five different programs are available for storing individual settings. This, plus the acoustic and visual controls means convenient operation and safety. The anti-crystallisation and anti-oxidation programs in combination with the continuous circulation of the chemicals ensure permanent readiness for use and consistency of your images.


Optimised applications
The OPTIMAX® 2010 processes all common film types up to a width of 35 cm with any kind of chemicals. Possible applications stretch from human medicine to veterinary medicine and laboratory applications. With the adjustable processing speed, in conjunction with the program memory, different film types (e.g. standard and mammography) can easily be processed with only one processor. The OPTIMAX® 2010 impresses with its modern design and its further optimised serviceability.

Familiar top quality
The proven concept of the one-piece casing is used in the OPTIMAX® 2010 as well. It has been PROTEC®’s philosophy for many years now to exclusively use high quality components and to ship all processors with all accessories that are needed for operation. New is the extended manufacturers warranty of two years.

Improved economic efficiency
An optimised film detection with microsensors together with individually adjustable replenishment rates allow a more economic and more ecological use of valuable chemicals without concessions to the image quality. In addition to the integrated stand-by mode, when the processor is not in use, a water save mode is available to further reduce water consumption while the processor is working.

Easy operation, comprehensive safety
Processing speed, temperatures and replenishment rates can easily be adjusted on the control panel, which is also used for automatic tank filling during the warm-up cycle. All set parameters can comfortably be recalled and monitored on the digital display. The filling level control in the developer tank and the integrated overflow protection further improve the safety. The proven anti-oxidation and anti-crystallisation programs, together with the continuous circulation of the chemicals ensure highest image quality and consistency.

Coordinated product range:
e.g. AIRCLEAN for fresh air in the dark room or chemical mixer PROMIX® A40