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1. QUAM NDT System

The tradition and the present

In 1986, began the manufacture of new generation of NDT films for non-destructive material testing (NDT) . By implementing changes in the production formula of the original NDT film, which had been manufactured since the sixties, the manufacture of film in two speed classes, Q4 and Q7, began.


In 1995, a radical modification of the technological process took place. The utilization of controlled precipitation resulted in uniform cubic crystals (grains) of silver halides with a narrow distribution of sizes. The composition of emulsion microcrystals and their narrow size-distribution curve has become prerequisite for high speed and contrast of the film, its high resolving power and low graininess.
Simultaneously the processing in the processing chemicals has been speeded up. The controlled precipitation has become the basic precondition for the stable quality of QUAM line films.


In 1988-1989, the originally manufactured films of Q5 and Q7 speed class were completed by Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q8 speed classes to become an integral line. Programme for industrial radiography (QUAM NDT System).


The QUAM NDT System includes complete speed series of QUAM line films for industrial radiography, QUAMDUX line processing chemicals for manual and automatic processing, automatic processors and additional assortment. The wide range of speeds and quality classes makes it possible for the user to find a film suitable for practically any type of radiographic work, using X-ray appliances and radionuclides. Specification and use of QUAM line.



Extremely fine-grain, high-contrast, low-speed film with excellent sharpness. Designed for the detection of critical small-sized defects.

Thin-walled steel parts/products, light metal parts/products of usual thickness, plastics and composite materials in machine, electrical and aircraft industries, etc.



A low-speed, high-contrast, extremely fine-grain film with excellent sharpness suitable for radiography with or without lead screens.

Applications requiring exact resolution in details like inspection electronic components, ceramical particles, castings, nuclear components, in cosmic research, aircraft and shipping industry.


A very fine-grain, high-contrast, medium-speed film designed for the detection of small critical defects.

Light metal and steel castings, aircraft industry, and nuclear energetics.


A fine-grain, high-contrast, standard-speed film. A standard film for most applications.

Inspection of welds and castings, general engineering, ship building industry.


A fine-grain, high-contrast, high-speed film for most standard applications.

Inspection of welds and castings, general engineering, building industry.


A medium-grain, high-contrast, very high-speed film, designed for general use; an additional shortening of exposure times can be reached in combination with fluorometallic screens.


** QUAM Q4/Q7 films Quality is almost the same as Agfa D4/D7.

** Local stand, Global sight.

** Our mission, NDT films supplying center in Asia.


2. OEM Medical Thermal Paper / Video Printer Paper

(For use on Sony/ Mitsubishi Video Printers).

Compatible with Sony UPP-110S/110HD, but the price less than Sony 40-45%!

Photo paper


Synthetic Thermal Paper / Video Printer Paper

We are able to supply good quality video printer paper where images captured are the same to the original (OEM) grade papers such as Sony and Mitsubishi papers.

These video printer papers are increasingly used to obtain hard copies of procedures such as ultrasound, radiology, endoscopy and nuclear medicine. Monochrome printer rolls are available in all sizes as well as high density (HD) versions to obtain the highest resolution images.

Application: used to print images from video printers for medical and industrial usages.

Detail: High density thermal print paper for the UP-850MD, UP-870MD, UP-890MD, UP-895MD, UP-D895, UP-897MDand UP-D897MD printers.

Approximately 270 prints per roll, 5 rolls per case

One case = 5 rolls.



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